Multi-Family and Townhomes

I personally live in a 4-story container home that I designed and built. Frankly, the permitting frustrations and project management required for projects over 3-stories or consisting of more than two units are only worthwhile on large scale developments. Fire codes, inspection hassles, and financing are time hindrances that reduce the overall ROI of the project unless a scalability is reached.

We are actively looking for investors seeking larger projects. We are not afraid of the challenge, only waiting for the right project. Microcondo hive style builds have been done overseas with success.

Townhome/Condo Model

  • Containers can be stacked in rows with spacing between, as pictures show above
  • Each home will include a container stack and center opening for kitchen/living/master bedroom spaces
  • Up to 4-stories
  • Firewalls between units to meet code
  • Insanely efficient cost per squarefoot
  • Customizable layout depending on lot constraints

3-Story Design

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