Krieger Containers is the fastest growing container construction company in the City of Houston. We began our journey in 2015 with only one home and set out to become the largest builder of container homes in the United States.  Our model is to incorporate recycled shipping containers into an eco-friendly home with unmatched structural strength. Buyers can expect high quality closed-cell insulation, drilled pier foundations, and the high strength of containers.

Commitment to the Environment

Thankfully, much of the construction industry has shifted to renewable eco-friendly products. We take this process even further using recycled shipping containers as our main structural element. We use less material, creating a smaller average environmental foot print for each home. We also maintain high energy efficiency standards by using quality appliances and well insulating our homes.


Krieger Containers is a full service construction company. We begin our process with free consultations to better understand your wants and needs. We then begin a drafting process to ensure that our visions for your home are aligned, start the permitting process, and construction will be done before you know it!

Krieger Containers is excited to share that container homes are FHA approved construction. They are fully financeable and affordable. Unfortunately, they require an appraisal which may be costly and variable. Contact us to learn more about the process of receiving financing for a container project.


Krieger Containers boasts a wide array of possible investments. Invest on a per project basis or enjoy a fixed return for cash investments. We are actively seeking investors for new residential construction (spec homes), duplexes (long-term rentals), and apartment developments of various sizes. We appreciate your investment consideration. Please contact us to discuss your specific investment goals.

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