What’s the price range?

I only build for a minimum $200,000, excluding single containers.

Can I invest with you?

I only build low-income duplex properties on a predetermined arrangement. If you are open to a great investment, give us a call. Otherwise, we will pass. No other container investment is worthwhile.

Why Containers?

The Short Answer: Incredibly cost effective, unmatched durability, and ease of construction.

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What Kind of Foundation?

The Short Answer: Deep piers or blocks

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Note: Containers that are not attached to a permanent foundation are not considered single-family and are therefore not qualified for traditional financing.

How is it permitted?
Our container homes are fully permitted as single-family residences and pass FHA guidelines for standard construction projects. Our projects pass the most recent IRC and IBC code requirements. Consult your local permitting office for city specific code regulations.

Are containers safe?

The Short Answer: After a little bit of precautionary work keeps them safe for residential usage.

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