Low-Income Duplex

  • Build affordably
  • Rent to government voucher tenants
  • Refinance at 18 months
  • Sell in bulk to institutional investments

Community Housing

  • Build affordably
  • Rent to students and young professionals
  • Refinance at 24 months
  • Sell when neighborhoods appreciate

General Investment- Land

  • Put available capital to use
  • Buy and hold during permitting
  • Include in future deal at a premium
  • Land historically appreceiates during hold

Investment Mentality

Technology is advancing at a pace never before seen in history. In a few years we expect to see self-driving cars, a complete overhaul of our energy sector with renewables overtaking fossil fuels and computers continuing to automate virtually every aspect of our lives. Amongst all of these technological advancements, construction has remained virtually unchanged. It’s time for something new.

Krieger Containers is a full-service efficiency oriented real estate development and investment company. We specialize in highly efficient containerized construction. We operate differently than a normal construction or real estate investment firm.

We utilize shipping containers for their structural capacity to create construction efficiency. Containers are modular, recycled, and one of the most efficiently engineered structures in the world. The design portion saves between 15-30% when compared to standard construction costs and is continuing to improve. In an industry with tight margins, construction efficiency creates efficient and low-risk returns backed by the tangible asset being created. It is an investment strategy like no other.

We Don’t Find Deals. We Create Them.

While many real estate investment firms are always hunting for deals, we aren’t limited by the supply of deals with built-in margins. We don’t rely on distressed properties. We aren’t chasing down property owners looking for off-market deals. We will never participate in market speculation. We create value by taking a raw piece of land and turning it into something that people want and need at an insanely low price.