5-Story Lakefront

Incredible house design self-built by owner. Property sits just off Lake Travis on a 27′ flood plain. Structure had to be elevated outside of flood plain.

Structural design and architectural floorplans and renderings completed by Krieger Containers and associates. Containers were bought, cut, and painted at affilliate container yard.

In order to build a successful container home, the permitting authority and HOA must agree to it. Every container project comes with significant risk because jurisdictions are quick to shut down projects to protect their image or ego.

Beach House

Single-story container designed to be a beach house in La Porte, TX. Ultimately barred by city officials who outlawed container builds at the end of permitting to keep the project from getting started.

Single-Family Floodproof home

Two story home designed for a recently flooded area near Beltway 8 and I-10. Ultimately barred by the HOA president, even after presenting the entire exterior cladded in brick